Help us rescue broken furniture from the landfill
and support vulnerable communities


1. We rescue broken, worn,
imperfect, repairable
furniture donated from
the public or partner

2. With the help of skilled craftsmen and apprentices, we clean and refurbish
repairable furniture.

3. We work with service organizations supporting refugees and low-income families to find a home for the refurbished items.



About the furniture repair process:
2 Ways to Fix!

To enable the broadest participation, we’re hosting centralized repair events (Furniture Fix-its) as well as coordinating with individual fixers to conduct repairs in their own shops/garages.

Furniture Fix-it Events:

Furniture Fix-it events are half-day repair events during which we’ll perform minor repairs and cleaning of the furniture items in a group setting to encourage skill-sharing. Most repairs will be tackled by skilled fixers and apprentices who possess or are developing skills. 

  • > Tacoma (April 18) – 
    > Tacoma (weekend in May-June 2022, exact date and location TBD)
    > Seattle (weekend in June-July 2022, exact date and location TBD)
    > Bainbridge Island (July 2022, @ BARN, exact date TBD)
  • > Other events to be scheduled for 2022-2023

See below for a link to sign-up
and more details on fixing skills needed!

Can’t make it to an event but still want to fix?

No problem! You can still apply below and we’ll work with you to figure out an arrangement customized to meet your needs.


What we're fixing (or not fixing) ...and why

The items we’re focusing on for this project are those specifically requested by our partner agencies who work directly with refugee families. The agencies have identified the items in the “Accepted” list above as those that are most useful and functional for their clients who tend to be placed in small apartments that can’t accommodate large pieces.

Furniture Collection:

Collection of items identified above will take place in the Seattle-Tacoma area on an as-needed basis. Opportunities to donate will be announced.

Calling all Fixers, Fixer Apprentices and General Volunteers!

From fixing an item in your own garage to helping make the in-person events run smoothly,
it takes a variety of skills to make this project work! What would you like to do?


Tasked with tackling more complex repair work
requiring skills in the following areas:

  • *Stipends Available!

  • To make this collaboration convenient and rewarding, stipends are available for fixers and apprentices.


Volunteers may assist with transportation, overall event flow, or smaller repair tasks as needed.

Project Area:

The Furniture Fix-it Project currently serves Pierce, King, and Kitsap Counties with the goal to expand to more areas in the future.

For questions email Xenia at

Thank you to our Project Partners!

Repair Economy WA is made possible with generous funding from the WA Department of Ecology’s Public Participation Grant