About Us

Repair Economy Washington is a collaborative initiative built by fixers, tool librarians, and makers throughout Washington State
(with a little help from our PNW neighbors!). 

Our purpose: To elevate the work of and increase access to repair and share efforts across Washington State by supporting the entire ecosystem behind these efforts (both for and not-for-profit).

For the network, we convene fixer groups, tool libraries, makerspaces, and small repair/share businesses across the Pacific Northwest to collaborate and elevate repair and share over replacement. This takes the form of monthly Zoom-based “Shop Talks,” a virtual community hub to share resources and ideas, and the annual Repair Economy Summit which attracts repair and share organizers from across the U.S. and around the globe to learn from each other and troubleshoot challenges together.

For the public, we host the ever-expanding Repair Economy website and map listing all known community-based groups and professional repair shops in Washington. We also curate an ongoing calendar of community repair events across the state.

Finally, we conduct research and build strategy on the social, environmental, and economic impact of repair and reuse; leveraging it to advocate for better policy, green jobs, and investment in resilient communities.

This Project is fiscally sponsored by Zero Waste Washington

Contact us: info [at] repairreuse [dot] org

Not in Washington State?

Why care about repair?

From saving money, to saving the earth, from preserving skills, to building resilience,
there are a million reasons to repair (and share)! Learn more here

An International Repair Economy

Some of the groups and projects we look to for inspiration and occasionally get to collaborate with!

Repair Economy WA is made possible with generous funding from the WA Department of Ecology’s Public Participation Grant